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As Fife and Tayside's favourite damp, woodworm and rot specialists, we know a thing or two when it comes to the preservation of your property. With offices throughout Fife and Tayside, you can find a damp, timber and rot team that is local to your area.  Furthermore, our website is packed with useful tips and information regarding woodworm, damp proofing, dry rot, wet rot, rising damp, condensation and wet basement repair to help you get to the route of the problem and find a solution to your preservation issue.

If however you need a little more help or you would like to request a survey, call White Preservation today on 08000 147 170 and speak to our local preservation team.

Damp Proofing

Damp Proofing

Damp proofing is one of the most common problems associated with a property however, determining the damp proofing solution you need will depend on your damp problem.

More information about damp proofing

Woodworm help and information


Thankfully, there is only really one type of woodworm that can affect properties within Scotland however, a woodworm infestation from this beetle can cause serious structural problems to your property.

More information about Woodworm

Rising Damp help and information from White Preservation

Rising damp

Rising damp is an issue that can affect all buildings, however, rising damp is also an issue that is widely misdiagnosed with other damp problems.  Find out how to spot rising damp and the treatments available to fix it.

More information about rising damp

Condensation help and information from White Preservation


Condensation is by far the most common problem found within a property and very much an understated cause of damage to your property. Condensation can be expensive to fix but, find out what you can do to help eliminate the problem.

More information about condensation

Dry Rot help and information fom White Presevation

Dry Rot

Dry rot is a very serious form of damage to timber in your property. It feeds and destroys, spreading spores to attack other timber areas within your property. If you have dry rot, we strongly advise for you have it treated immediately.

More information about dry rot

Wet Rot help and information from White Preservation

Wet Rot

Wet rot is basically timber decaying naturally in the presence of high levels of moisture. The higher the moisture level, the faster the decay and the more damage to your property.

More information about wet rot 

Wet basement repair from damp expert White Preservation

Wet Basement Repair

Repairing a wet basement used to cost a lot of money however, with new innovations within the industry and the financial reward gained from expanding a property, our specialist wet basement repair team are here to help.

More information about wet basement repair

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Our local White Preservation team is here to help our customers through what can be a stressful time. However, if you have a question or you just want some help and advice, contact White Preservation in one of our local Fife and Tayside offices. Or if your property is out with Fife and Tayside, contact our parent company Wise Property Care who have branches throughout Scotland.

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White Preservation memberships

These organisations protect homeowners against rogue traders in the area of woodworm, dry rot, wet rot, condensation and rising damp and, moreover, provide them with complete peace of mind from the initial survey to the completion of all works in the property preservation and repair arena.


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