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Condensation is by far the most common form of dampness in a property and is an extremely underestimated form of damage to a property.  As a result of increased insulation and double glazing within properties, condensation enquires are on the rise and will continue to rise until those affected change how they live and manage condensation moisture within their property.

If you have a condensation problem, then we have a variety of free tips and condensation solutions for you to choose from. Simply select one of the condensation options below to get the help and information you need.

 What is condensation

What is condensation

What is condensation? A question we are often asked. Find out what condensation is, how to identify it and why it is affecting your property

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 Condensation help and advice

Free condensation control information

Want to fix condensation yourself? Check out our free condensation control information and help guide to DIY your condensation problem.

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 Condensation Products

Low cost condensation products

Want a low cost solution to fixing your condensation problem? Have a look at the variety of low cost condensation products in our Condensation Shop.

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 Permanent Condensation Control

Permanent Condensation Control

Want something that will control condensation for good. Check out our air ventilation systems to help beat your condensation problem.

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 Condensation Survey

Condensation Survey

Unsure of the right condensation solution for you? Unsure whether you have a condensation or other related damp problem? If so, contact White Preservation for a condensation survey

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Additional Condensation information

Speak to a Condensation ExpertIf you are unsure about your condensation problem, contact White Preservation on 08000 147 170 for help and advice or click to request a survey.

Our team would love to hear from you. Whether it is a simple condensation question or an extensive query, we are here to help.