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Air Ventilation Systems

Our air ventilation systems offer a full range of ventilation systems and ventilation fans designed to alleviate the effects of condensation and poor air quality within domestic and commercial properties. They are designed to beat the toughest condensation problem. All you need to do is to decide which air ventilation system is right for you.

Air Ventilation Systems - Product Range

Along with our eco-friendly Energy saver technology our air ventilation systems are widely acknowledged as contributing to reducing the carbon footprint in housing association and local authority properties, our Envirowise product range includes:

 Energy Saver Sensamatic Fan

Energy saver sensamatic fans

Our energysaver senamatic fans automatically senses rising humidity and switches on to reduce humidity to a pre-set level.

 Evergy Saver Datamatic Fan

Energy saver datamatic fans

An air ventilation fan that records and holds up to 60 weeks continuous data that can be downloaded at anytime.



Automatic air ventilation fan that is designed especially for contractors that need automatic air ventilation systems.

 Centrifugal and In Line Fans

Centrifugal and in line fans

Designed to meet long ducting demands for kitchens, bathrooms and toilets.

 Energy Saver Positive Pressure System

Energy saver positive pressure systems

Positive pressure systems that provide a form of air ventilation to control condensation without loss of heat

 Whole House Ventilation 

Whole house ventilation systems

Provides an effective and discrete air ventilation solution to circulate 70% of the wasted heat within your property

Air Ventilation Controllers

Air ventilation controllers and sensors

Advanced microprocessor air ventilation control's that switch on an extractor fan or provide an override facility for night-time use.

 Passive Vents and Vapour Vents

Passive vents and air ventilation vents

Help to equalise pressure throughout a dwelling. They are recommended where no air brick vents are present.

 Energy Saver Cowl

Energy saver Cowl

Counteracts the detrimental effects of external wind on the performance of mechanical extract ventilation systems and passive vents.

More information about our air ventilation systems

Speak to an Air Ventilation ExpertTo find out more about our air ventilation systems, contact White Preservation today on 08000 147 170 and speak to a condensation and air ventilation system specialist that will be able to steer you in the right direction as to the specific product(s) you might need.  Alternatively, for a low cost solution to condensation, why not have a look at our condensation products range.