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Condensation control

Condensation control is easier than you might think. It is all about changing the way you live in your property. The key to condensation control is increasing the air circulation in your property to minimise the amount of moisture inside your property.

Steps to improve condensation control

Try following the condensation control steps below. For additional condensation control, investing in a dehumidifier can also help. Visit our condensation products for more information.

  • Try to keep your property well ventilated by opening all your windows on a daily basis to allow moist air to escape
  • If drying clothes, it is always better to do it outside. If this is not possible, put them in an enclosed room with plenty of ventilation and keep the window open. If using a tumble dryer, make sure the vent pipe runs outside your property or out a window
  • If using the kitchen or bathroom, try to keep the door closed when possible so that moist or stale air is contained within the room
  • Try to keep a small gap between walls and furniture, particularly against ‘cold walls', and allow ventilation of any cupboards to keep air flow moving
  • While cooking, try to cover all pots and pans and avoid leaving anything on the boil for too long
  • Check to make sure airways within your property are not blocked, such as air bricks or chimneys
  • As it is cold air that causes warm air to release moisture, try to keep heating levels within your property at a constant temperature, especially in the winter

If the condensation control steps fail

Unfortunately, the condensation control steps above do not work every time. It really depends on the extent of your condensation problem. However, there are other condensation options to help alleviate and fix the condensation problem such as introducing a dehumidifier to extract water from the air or the introduction of a ventilation system into the property. Have a look at the additional condensation control solutions below:

 Condensation Control Guide

Condensation control - free guide

There are lots of things you can do to help fix your condensation problem for free. Download our free condensation control help guide.

Download our free condensation control guide

 Condensation Products

Condensation products

If you need a bit more help fighting condensation, then check out our low cost condensation products ranging from condensation mould packs to dehumidifiers.

More about our condensation product

 Air Ventilation Systems

Air ventilation systems

Sometimes to fix condensation, you need to go the extra mile. Check out our envirowise air ventilation systems to help beat condensation for good.

More about air ventilation systems

 Condensation Survey

Request a condensation survey

Unsure of the right condensation solution for you? Unsure whether you have a condensation or other related damp problem? If so, contact White Preservation for a condensation survey

Request a survey

Additional condensation control information

Speak to a Condensation ExpertIf you are unsure about your condensation problem, contact White Preservation on 08000 147 170 for friendly help and advice.  Alternatively, if your looking for a condensation expert to come and look at your problem, click to request a survey.

Our team would love to hear from you. Whether it is a simple condensation question or an extensive query, we are here to help.