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Condensation Products

Welcome to our low cost condensation product range from White Preservation.

As damp and condensation experts, we see the affects of condensation in homes on a daily basis. From our expert experience, we have selected a 'WP Choice' of condensation products to complement both our free condensation control tips and air ventilation systems to help you alleviate damp and condensation problems.

Simply browse, select the condensation product that suits your needs and call 08000 147 170 for 48 hour delivery or additional advice.

 Mould Removal Kit

Mould Removal Kit

Perfect for mild mould removal treatment, our condensation mould removal kit provides a fast, effective and cheap way to solve a condensation and black mould problem.

Price: £54.95 
Buy the Mould Removal Kit
 Small Dehumidifer

Small dehumidifier

Straightforward, simple and perfect for small areas this small dehumidifier is our recommended WP Choice for storage spaces and cupboards.

Price: £39.99
 Buy the Small Dehumidifier
 Medium Dehumidifier

Medium dehumidifier

Our medium dehumidifier is simply one of the best value dehumidifiers on the market . Mobile, easy to operate and the dehumidifying ability of up to 10 litres, it is our WP Choice for quality and value

Price: £149.99
 Buy the Msdium Dehumidifier
 Large Dehumidifer

Large dehumidifier

Smart design, built in timer with the ability for continuous drainage, the large dehumidifier is out WP Choice for anyone with bad damp and condensation problems.

Price: £219.00
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 Wall Mounted Dehumidifer

Wall mounted dehumidifier

Quiet, slim line and easy to install onto walls, the wall mounted dehumidifier is our WP Choice for small flats, caravans our tight spaces. Perfect for mild condensation problems

Price: £329.00
Buy the Wall Mounted Dehumidifier
 Moisture Absorber Pack

Moisture absorber pack

Ideal for combating damp in smaller places, our moisture absorber pack is our WP Choice force for caravans, sheds, garages, drawers & storage boxes.

Price: £29.99
Buy the Moisture Absorber Pack
 Hanging Desiccant Moisture Absorber

Hanging desiccant moisture absorber

A revolutionary type of desiccant moisture absorber absorbing 150% of its own weight. It is our Wise Choice for areas up to 10 metres square and perfect for sheds, vans or large wardrobes.

Price: £24.99
Buy the Hanging Desiccant Moisture Absorber
 Digital Thermo Hygrometre

Klima Guard digital thermo-hygrometre

Precision unit for temperature and humidity, the Digital Thermo-Hygrometre is our Wise Choice for keeping you aware of our damp and humidity levels in your property.

Price: £39.99
Buy the Klima Guard Digital Thermo-Hygrometre

Find out more about our condensation products

To find out more about our condensation products, contact White Preservation today on 08000 147 170.  Alternatively, to find out more about condensation or damp proofing, why not click on one of the links below:

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