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Damp proofing

Got a damp problem and unsure of the right damp proofing solution for you? Are you looking for help and information towards damp proofing?

If so, you've come to the right place. Most people are unsure toward the type of damp proofing problem they might have. Thankfully, we have a helpful guide below illustrating the different damp proofing problems that can occur in your property. The good news is that often damp problems are generally much less serious than they actually look however, if left to develop, your damp problem will not only look unsightly, but can be very bad for your health.

Identifying the damp proofing problem

Have a look at the pictures and the short damp proofing descriptions below. If the damp description and the image looks and sounds like the damp proofing problem you are having, simply click to visit the appropriate web page for help, information and damp proofing treatment solutions. Alternatively, if you are unsure, simply contact White Preservation on 08000 147 170 and speak to one of our damp proofing specialists.

Rising Damp

Rising damp

Rising damp is an issue that can affect all buildings however, rising damp is also an issue that is widely misdiagnosed with other damp proofing problems. Find out how to spot rising damp and the treatments available to fix it

More about rising damp  


Condensation is by far the most common damp proofing problem found within a property and very much an understated cause of damage to a property. Find out helpful advice and information to help eliminate this damp problem.

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Damp Proofing Condensation Products

Damp proofing products for condensation

Want a low cost solution to fixing your condensation problem? Have a look at the variety of low cost condensation products in our White Condensation Shop

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Wet Basement Repair

Wet basement repair

Repairing a wet basement used to cost a lot money however, with new innovations within the industry and the financial award gained from expanding a property, fixing a wet basement can not only fix your damp problem, but be financially rewarding too..

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Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp

Generally, penetrating damp is a problem that affects older homes. It is most frequent in homes that have solid walls which often makes it difficult to pin point.

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Damp Proofing Survey

Damp proofing survey

Still unsure about the type of damp proofing problem you have. Why not request a damp and timber survey.

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Need to speak to a damp proofing expert

Speak to a damp proofing expertIt is always important to correctly identify the damp proofing problem you have before going ahead with a form of damp proofing treatment. If you are unsure, contact White Preservation today on 08000 147 170 or click to request a survey and we'll arrange for one of our experts to call or visit you at a time convenient for yourself. With our 20 year preservation repair guarantee, your damp proofing problems will soon be over.


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