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Dry Rot

Dry rot is a serious problem and if it is found within your property, it is important to treat the dry rot problem as soon as possible. Without treating it, the dry rot will grow, feed off and destroy the timbers in your property and may lead to structural problems.

In short, the longer you leave a dry rot problem, the worse it becomes and the more costly it is to repair.  If you suspect dry rot in your property, call White Preservation on 08000 147 170 for help and advice or request a dry rot survey.

How to identify dry rot

Dry Rot Spore DustThe dry rot lifecycle typically has four main stages, each with different indications to identify the dry rot problem. However, typical indications to look out for include:

  • Wood shrinking while darkening in colour and cracks appearing in a brittle cuboidal manner. Often the wood is easily broken or crumbles in your hand
  • White sheets or cotton wool like cushions or skin often varying in colour from grey to pure white
  • Strands which have developed in the dry rot mycelium. These dry rot stands will be brittle and crack if bent
  • Soft, fleshy pancake or bracket fruiting bodies that are orange/red in colour. The surface will typically have pores.
  • Rust red coloured spore dust. This is often seen around the fruiting bodies above
  • Active dry rot decay will produce a musty, damp odour

Dry Rot Fruiting BodyIf any of the dry rot indications above lead you to believe that you may have dry rot, the best advice is to get it checked out as soon as possible. Not only is dry rot unsightly and unhealthy but, it can also grow at an alarming rate in certain conditions.  However, if the above indications do not seem to relate to your problem, you might want to check out our wet rot web page.  

Dry rot treatment

Identifying Dry Rot using a BorescopeAs dry rot has different lifecycle stages, the first initial step is to identify the dry rot stage to identify the level of dry rot treatment you need. Once the dry rot stage has been identified, a typical dry rot treatment will consist of a special low odour micro-emulsion preservative fluid being applied to the affected and surrounding areas and any defective timbers affected by the dry rot being replaced.

White Preservation - Dry Rot Experts

Speak to a Dry Rot ExpertAt White Preservation, our fully qualified and specialist surveyors are experts at identifying the extent of any dry rot decay and will arrange for a suitable solution to the treatment of your dry rot problem.

If you suspect your property may require dry rot treatment, call White Preservation today on 08000 147 170 or click to request a survey and we will arrange for one of our dry rot experts to call or visit you at a time convenient for yourself. With our 20 year repair guarantee, you can have piece of mind that your dry rot problems will soon be over.

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