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Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp normally occurs due to problems within the building or plumping that allows water to leak into the floors or walls. Typically the results of penetrating damp will lead back to defects from defective guttering or down pipes, poor pointing, faulty flashings, cracked rendering or built up external ground levels.

Although it may not be as bad as other damp proofing problems, penetrating damp can unfortunately still cause damage to your property. Even if the penetrating damp issue does not penetrate all the way through a wall, it can still lead to moss growth, increased heat loss, and frost damage into masonry.Penetrating damp from a down pipe

Identifying penetrating damp

There are many clues that you can use to identify penetrating damp. As with rising damp, many of the indications of penetrating damp exist outside the property where the building construction and general condition is main thing to look out for. If you feel you may have a penetrating damp issue, have a look at the hints and tips below to help you identify where the penetrating damp is coming from:

  • Examine gutters, downpipes, flashing, rendering and window frames in detail
  • Check to make sure downpipes are unobstructed
  • Have a look at the guttering. If the guttering has seen better days, think about replacing it with new easy-to-fit plastic guttering
  • Check the rendering to see if it's cracked, plus look at re-sealing any gaps around window frames
  • Check underneath window sills as there should be a drip groove to shed rainwater, before it gets to the house wall. If this is blocked with moss, dirt or cement, clear it thoroughly

Penetrating damp treatment

As penetrating damp often occurs at higher levels, it is not something that can typically be fixed by using a damp proof course. Most importantly, the correct source of the penetrating damp issue has to be identified and fixed first. Following that, often, cavity wall membrane systems or a waterproof epoxy system is used to dry and shield the area preventing any further damp problems. Afterwards, the existing damp plaster can be removed and new plaster with a waterproof chemical can be installed.

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