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Wet basement repair

Simply, we turn a wet basement into a dry, comfortable place for you and your family to enjoy or for just valuable storage space

Repairing a wet basement is not a DIY project. It takes hard work and a lot of specialised knowledge, skill, and equipment to identify the source of your water problem and repair a wet basement.

If your property suffers from a wet basement problem, read on to find out how it may have occurred and the variety of wet basement repair solutions that can be available to you.  For other damp related problems, check out our damp proofing web page.

Why do wet basement problems occur?

Basement needing a wet basement repairA wet basement can occur because of a variety of reasons due to the fact that a basement is typically within a closed area and thus prone to high humidity conditions that lead to dampness and flooding. However, more serious reasons why a wet basement problem may occur include:

  • Surface water running down foundation walls
  • Cracks in foundation walls allowing moisture penetration
  • Groundwater being pushed from the soil into the basement by hydrostatic pressure
  • A downspout that has become disconnected
  • Water ingress
  • Failed damp proofing barrier

Sump pump and channel for the wet basement repairWhen homeowners experience a wet basement for the first time, it is imperative to determine if the water problems are going to reoccur or if it was a one-time event. Essential to solving this question is determining where the water has come from.

Wet basement repair - our team is here to help

Our aim is to help you by taking responsibility for your wet basement repair step by step from design to installation, providing you with a dry basement ready for what you want to use it for.

Our advanced wet basement repair systems and treatments are designed around managing the water around and away from your basement, rather than creating a physical barrier that may fail. Using products such as our state of the art sump pumps, waterguard basement drainage systems and advanced air gap membrane systems such as delta, our wet basement repair team have the right tools and techniques ready to repair your wet basement problem.

Waterguard - a water management tool for our Wet Basement Repair teamAs leading providers of wet basement repairs, we have years of experience and are fully CSSW (Certificated Surveyors of Structural Waterproofing) qualified through the professional membership of the Structural Waterproofing Association and Property Care Association (PCA). Coupled with a 10 year wet basement repair guarantee, you can have peace of mind we will have the right repair solution to your wet basement.  Check out our guide to repairing a wet basement for more information

Benefits to repairing your wet basement

Given the recent property market, more and more people are choosing to do up their property rather than sell and move into a larger property. By developing your basement, you can do both!

Not only will you see the financial reward that can be gained by repairing a wet basement and converting it, but you will also have a large increase in space and the opportunity to create new rooms to fit your lifestyle or a commercial opportunities.  You just have to decide what you what to do with your newly converted basement, e.g; home cinema, games room, extra luxury bathroom, spare bedroom or office space.

More information about our wet basement techniques

Speak to a Wet Basement Repair ExpertIf you want to find out more information regarding our wet basement repair solutions, contact White Preservation today on 08000 147 170 or click to request a survey and we will arrange for one our wet basement repair experts to call or visit you at a time convenient for yourself.