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Wet Rot

Wet rot is a common cause of timber damage and can often be seen in bathrooms and kitchens. It looks nasty, smells bad and if wet rot is left unchecked; it can cause structural defects with a property.

What is wet rot

Similar, but not as hard to repair as dry rot, wet rot is a wood destroying fungi that attacks timber/wood in order to extract food to maintain growth by producing a generation of spores which spread to attack more timber. Affected timber exhibits significant loss of weight.

Wet Rot around the washing machineIn order to grow, wet rot requires a regular source of moisture ingress that typically comes from sources such as gutters, defective plumbing, downpipes or stone pointing. The combination of moisture together with the presence of wood allows wet rot spores to germinate and begin its wet rot lifecycle. If left to grow, wet rot begins to remove the strength of any timber it is affecting, resulting in timbers becoming structurally unsound. It is for this reason it is always important to act when you see wet rot and contact a wet rot treatment expert such as ourselves at White Preservation.

Identifying wet rot

Wet Rot in JoistTypical tell tale signs that you have a wet rot problem include the following:

  • Look for very dark, damp wood/timber. Prod it with a sharp implement such as a screwdriver.  If the wood is very soft and pulpy, this is typically wet rot in progress
  • Often wet rot fungus is largely black and typically localised
  • Look out for dry timber that is easily cracked and crumbles into fine particles

If you have any of the described conditions above, it is a good idea to think about requesting a wet rot survey to identify and inhibit the wet rot problem.

Fixing wet rot

Thankfully, wet rot rarely gets to the stage of structural defects and typically it can be treated by repairing the source of the moisture ingress and drying out the affected timbers. However, where any affected timber has lost its strength, removing the timber and replacing it with new timber treated against the potential germination of wet rot spores ensures the structural integrity of the building. The critical element however is making sure that you treat ALL the affected areas or your wet rot problem will return.

Contact White Preservation - wet rot experts

Speak to a Wet Rot ExpertIf you are unsure or if you suspect wet rot in your property, contact White Preservation today on 08000 147 170 or request a survey. We love giving out helpful advice and if necessary, we will come out and take a look at the problem and arrange any wet rot treatments you need. We will even give you a 20 year repair guarantee to make sure the problem doesn't come back.

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